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 One Piece Mugiwara Chase 3D englishsub(3gp1)

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PostSubject: One Piece Mugiwara Chase 3D englishsub(3gp1)   Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:25 pm

One Piece Mugiwara Chase 3D english sub
credit to sayonara214

Synopsis:The film opens with Schneider and his dog Buzz walking through a
town one night. Schneider tries to part
with the dog as he finds that he is
coughing up blood, which he takes to
mean he is dying and doesn't want his
loyal companion to watch him die before his eyes.
The scene then goes to the Thousand
Sunny as it sails the Grand Line at night,
most of the Straw Hats are sleeping save
for Zoro who is training and Usopp who
wakes up to use the restroom. As he is coming back to his room he notices the
door open and a bird flying over head
but doesn't pay it any mind. The next
day, Luffy can't find his prized straw hat
and searches the ship frantically for it.
He almost drowns himself when he thinks the hat has fallen into the ocean
prompting Zoro to save him. Soon the
rest of the crew is informed of the
missing hat and Usopp adds he saw a
bird flying away from the ship that
night. They all go out to search the ocean for it. Usopp and Chopper are in
the Shark Submerge III, Sanji, Robin, and
Brook are in the Mini Merry II, and Nami
is on the Shiro Mokuba I while Franky
steers the Sunny. Chopper spots a ship
in the ocean and he and Usopp board it, finding Schneider passed out from
coughing up blood.
They take him back to the Shark
Submerge III to get him treated on the
Sunny but just as they are about to
leave, a giant bird lands on the ship with Luffy's straw hat in its beak. Usopp
alerts the others which instantly revives
the waterlogged Luffy who orders the
crew after it. In the midst of the chase a
Marine ship appears behind them.
Franky orders the crew back to the Sunny as they continue to follow after
the bird. The chase leads them through
some glaciers, through a Marine
blockade, into a cave, off a waterfall and
into a nest of sea kings. All the while
Luffy uses his powers to personally chase after the bird. Luffy manages to
chase it into a volcanic region while
Chopper manages to revive Schneider
who tells the reindeer doctor of wanting
to see his only companion, his dog Buzz
who ate the Tori Tori no Mi Model: Eagle. Luffy finds this out first hand when he
catches up to Buzz, first in his dog form
then in his hybrid form. Schnider
continues citing that in order to keep
Buzz away from seeing him die, he came
up with an impossible task: steal the straw hat of Monkey D. Luffy. If Buzz
succeeded he could stay with Schneider.
Chopper realizes the bird they are
chasing is in fact Buzz and informs
Scheinder that the ship that he is on is
that of Luffy's. Schneider suddenly springs to life at this news and runs to
the deck of the ship, commanding the
Sunny to go after his friend. Chopper
goes to follow but notices a fork on the
ground. Meanwhile Luffy and Buzz's
fight sends them crashing into a Marine base. Before it can go any further, they
are suddenly caught in a seastone cage
and trapped. The captain of the base
reveals himself and mocks Luffy by
holding his straw hat on the barrel of
the gun then shooting it gaining Luffy's anger. Before the Marines can capture
Luffy, Zoro arrives to save him. Luffy
tries to get his hat back but is hindered
by the base's three giants. Luffy and
Zoro fight valiantly but are knocked
down. Just as they are about to be squashed, Thousand Sunny flies in,
piloted by Schnider who calls out to
They crash into the base and the Straw
Hats regroup. Schinder runs to Buzz and
apologizes for trying to keep him away. The giants once more attack the group
but are felled thanks to their teamwork.
The Marine captain throws the hat into
the sea when he sees Luffy coming for
him, only for Luffy to go Gear 3rd and
punch one of the giants into the gate he standing on, the debris of the mace
the giant was holding crashing into the
Marine captain. With the gate broken
due to this action, water floods the base
forcing the Straw Hats, Schneider and
Buzz onto the Thousand Sunny while Luffy shrinks and continues to fly after
the straw hat. At first it seems he will
fall before catching it. But he is saved by
Buzz who catches him and allows Luffy
to finally catch his straw hat.
In the end Chopper reveals to Schneider that the fork he found on the ground
came from his stomach which was
piercing it and causing him to cough up
blood. Schneider realizes he accidentally
ate it when he was eating spaghetti one
night. Schinder laughs this off once he realizes he is not going to die after all.
The Straw Hats return Schneider and
Buzz to their ship and part on good
terms with Schneider telling Luffy to
take good care of his straw hat. This is the shortest One Piece film, with a
run-time of only thirty minutes. This is
also the film to have the shortest
amount of time between theaters and
DVD, 5 months.

One Piece Mugiwara Chase 3D english

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One Piece Mugiwara Chase 3D englishsub(3gp1)
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